To export or not to export?

6th February 2018   |   Articles

Home or Away?

Weak pound or not we have definitely seen a rise in the number of enquiries from both the UK and Europe over the past year.

At ‘home’ there seems to be a pattern emerging of some UK companies reshoring services such as ours having had quality issues when they have outsourced metal manufacturing and metal precision engineering abroad.

‘Away’ the weak pound is giving us considerable competitive advantage and we have been winning work from clients in Germany who have previously been working with Eastern European metal manufacturers. This isn’t a quality issue, this is a price issue and how long it’ll work in our favour is anyone’s guess but, for now, we’re working hard to build relationships and give our clients the quality they are looking for in a sector we know like the back of our hand – retail.

Seeing as we have joined the UK’s growing number of ‘accidental exporters’ we sat down with the Department for International Trade (DIT) to look at what the opportunities really are and how we can maximise them without losing sight of our primary business and clients here in the UK. It was a very interesting discussion and at the follow up meeting to that first conversation we got to understand far more about the potential market for our products and services and what we would need to do in order to fully capitalise on the available opportunities. Clearly there is an awful lot to think about and before we do anything we’ll be having a think about what this means to us as a business, what resource may be required if we decide to explore export further etcetera. For now we remain deeply committed to servicing our UK based clients and concentrating our efforts on growing our UK based business.

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