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Product Assembly (Finished Products inc. Metal Parts)

metalworks assemblyOnce the metal parts or components have been manufactured, product assembly takes place in the sixth stage of our metal manufacturing process. 

With a dedicated assembly area within our facility, we can assemble and pack your final product using a wide range of components. Our engineering team can assemble your final product with various parts, including electrical elements, joinery and plastics. Once this stage is completed, your finished products are ready for delivery.

To save you time and money, we can also source the parts that are required for assembly on your behalf. Even if your final product requires components that are not made of metal or have been manufactured at our plant, we can get the job done. Our specialist team can liaise your chosen supplier for other, non-metal materials that are needed to complete the assembly of the final product.

Within the assembly stage, it is imperative that the product is thoroughly checked for any inconsistencies from unit to unit. Our team of manufacture and assembly engineers also ensure that each individual unit is cleaned before being despatched.

Having the facility to assemble products in-house allows JC Metalworks to oversee the entire production process - from Cutting and Forming through to Fabrication, Powder Coating and finally to Assembly and Despatch. This provides clients with a great deal of convenience, and our account management team is able to streamline the manufacturing process of your product. Overall, this saves a great deal of time – and, provides you with peace of mind that the job will be completed on time and to budget.

Once the assembly has been completed and quality checks are carried out, the units will move to Stage 7 of the JC Metalworks metalworking manufacture process: Despatch.

 JC Metalworks' 7-Stage manufacturing process: 

JC Metalworks assembly and packingThe Leicestershire-based metalwork manufacturing subcontractor, JC Metalworks offers a 7-stage manufacturing process. 

Once the design and engineering has taken place, each product are scheduled in for the required manufacturing processes. As every product is unique, the manufacturing process for the individual product will also vary.

A product can include Assembling the manufactured components into the finished product, along with any or all of the following manufacturing services:

  1. Design & Engineering
  2. Laser Cutting or Punching
  3. Metal Forming
  4. Sheet Metal Fabrication
  5. Powder Coating
  6. Product Assembly
  7. Despatch

Examples of products assembled using these techniques and services include manufacture of point of sale units and retail fixtures, HVAC systems and electrical enclosures, along with lighting systems.

Contact our Loughborough, Leicestershire based project managment team today on 01509 233280 to see how our team can help turn your product idea into a reality.

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