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Welcome to JC MetalworksJC Metalworks is a Leicestershire based metal manufacturer offering a total in-house solution for all metalworking manufacture requirements, from design and precision engineering services through to product manufacture, assembly and delivery.

We can manufacture almost any item produced out of metal (and our assembly team can bring together other manufactured components such as glass or wood, to assemble a completed product) - whether a tiny component within a lighting fixture, or the housing for a television point of sale display, or even the occasional bespoke piece of art. 

Our commitment to just-in-time working practices enables us to accommodate working to tight deadlines for clients. The 60,000 square foot metalworks facility in Loughborough together with investments in modern automated manufacturing equipment and experienced, knowledgeable staff, enable JC Metalworks to be flexible and highly responsive to your needs.

 Adding value for our clients

Your account manager will seek to understand your exact requirements and recommend the most cost effective engineering solution before any manufacturing takes place.

JC Metalworks can undertake an entire product manufacture journey from concept design through to assembly and delivery - account managing and overseeing the process to save our clients' time. 

Alternatively, clients have the opportunity to outsource a portion of their product development - such as powder coating an existing product, or assembling parts of a product to create the full unit. 

 Manufacturing products for various industries

JC Metalworks engineers are used to supporting clients across several industries including HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) Storage & Enclosures and Electrical & Lighting and retail. 

The team understands that no project is the same, and every industry will have its own product needs dependant on various factors, from weather conditions through to the end user and how they will use the product.

 Specialists in retail point of sale and fixtures & fittings manufacture

JC Metalworks specialist retail divisionThe specialist Retail Division of JC Metalworks has manufactured a variety of POS and shop display products for several well-known retail brands such as Debenhams, Adidas, Nina Ricci and Marks and Spencer, to name a few.

With the ability to manufacture various different shop fittings, POS and display items, from free standing units (FUS's) for clothing, to bespoke point of sale stands for cosmetics and perfume; the JC Metalworks team works with retail clients to develop their designs into a finished product, ready for delivery to retail stores.

 About our manufacturing services

Having been established nearly 30 years, JC Metalworks has adopted safe manufacturing processes to ensure high quality in the design and production of finished products.

Our engineers develop an engineering design, modifying if required to ensure products are manufactured with the maximum quality and efficiency, thus saving time and costs for our clients. 

Once the design and engineering phase is completed, the product moves into the manufacturing phase. JC Metalworks provides a complete metalworking manufacturing service including: Laser Cutting, Punching, Forming, Fabrication, Powder Coating, Assembly and Despatch

Our assembly service can work with you to build and assemble the in-house manufactured products within your product prior to despatch. This could include metalworking products manufactured in our facility, or a combination of materials from other manufacturers (for example wooden parts, glass or electrical elements)

Call JC Metalworks on 01509 233280 if you'd like to have more information on our processes or if you'd like to discuss a particular project further

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